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Advice for Peninsula Cottage Owners
This website is collectively run on behalf of all those cottage owners at Peninsula who have their properties listed on the site. If you are an existing owner, or perhaps are considering buying a cottage, you are welcome to join us.

Different owners manage the renting-out of their cottages in different ways, which is reflected in the detail of their individual pages on the site; some owners organise everything themselves and deal directly with all their guests, while at the other extreme a few owners take a very ‘back-seat’ approach and use a conventional professional lettings agent to handle everything for them. The majority of owners sit somewhere in the middle and combine taking bookings themselves with receiving bookings from the big online ‘holiday portals’ such as Trip Adviser, Booking.com and AirBnB.

 Also receive a window sticker for your cottage!

Getting started with renting-out your property can be quite daunting at first and the approach you decide to take is all a matter of what works best for your own circumstances – but between us those cottage owners who are already doing it have a lot of experience of what works and doesn’t work to get bookings, and what guests staying at Peninsula are looking for and what they expect.

As well as helping you decide what your overall strategy should be when renting-out your cottage, plus of course setting-up a page on this website (and our associated social media pages) to advertise it, we can also advise on practical day-to-day issues such as choosing a local cleaning company (not as easy as you might imagine!), and recommending booking management and calendar software etc.

Owners advertising on the website also receive a window sticker for their cottage, ideal for attracting the attention of visitors & passers-by.

Amongst the existing cottage owners we also have one particular owner who themselves act as a semi-professional lettings agent and who already manages the lettings of several other cottages at Peninsula in addition to their own – and who would be interested in principle in extending the same service to other owners looking for a more hands-off approach.

If you wish to start renting-out your cottage, or would like to improve your existing efforts, in the first instance please contact Jeremy Arnold by clicking on the email link below; as well as being the webmaster of this site Jeremy owns Star Cottage at Peninsula and was one of the first owners to start taking bookings directly a number of years ago

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