– About Us –
Who are we?….we’re the owners!
All of the Peninsula cottages are privately-owned, and we are those owners! This website is operated collectively by the cottage owners together so holiday guests such as yourself can deal directly with us. You get much better accommodation than you’ll find elsewhere and – because there’s no lettings agency commission to pay – you get much better prices too!

So this website is a little bit unique; The vast majority of other sites that you’ll come across are run by professional agencies who swallow a big chunk of the price you pay for your holiday. And in many cases the properties themselves are company-run units too – which often makes them highly standardised and inevitably equipped down-to-a-price, rather than up-to-a-standard.

The Peninsula cottages are different! Every cottage is privately-owned and is used by their owners and their families as well as being rented-out to guests. Each cottage is a comfortable and well-equipped holiday home – not just a corporate profit-centre!

Each cottage has it’s own page on the site where the owner describes what their property has to offer – and in many cases gives live information showing that cottage’s booking availability and prices.

Some owners manage the bookings for their cottages directly themselves, in which case the page will display the owner’s contact details and/or have an enquiry form you can use to send them an email.

In some cases you can make direct online bookings, including paying a deposit by credit/debit card or Paypal.

Other owners prefer to do things over-the-phone, with payment usually by cheque or bank-transfer.

Other owners have their cottages listed on this site but employ external agents to handle the enquiries and bookings on their behalf. Again, that cottage’s page on this website will give full contact details, which might actually involve re-directing you to another website.

– Contacting Us –
Individual cottage owners
To contact individual cottage owners see the website page for that cottage for contact details
If you notice any errors or omissions on the website, or would like your cottage added, please contact the webmaster
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